TouchGlovz is a platform to facilitate the approach of joining Boxing & MMA gyms providing you with all the equipment & information you need to get started. 

We will be partnering up with gyms on our directory making it easier for kids & adults to explore their local gyms and trial what’s most suited to them.

Our online Marketplace makes it easier for you to purchase new or second hand equipment, making sure you are well equip to start your journey, a more affordable and sustainable way.

TouchGlovz was put in place to encourage communities to help keep kids off the streets. We are an agent of change for creating brighter communities for the younger generation. We will be using funds raised from donations and sales to reinvest in the community and gyms who are part of our cause to help the younger generations who are passionate about boxing and MMA—with an emphasis on children mostly disadvantage and the fight to keep them off the streets


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