By Franco Rheeder.
August is an exciting month for boxing fans, as the sport of boxing awakens from its supposed slumber. The past few weeks saw an eventful boxing calendar, as focus was shifted from the glamour of Olympic, amateur boxing to the return of one of the greatest of all time. Following Pacman’s defeat to Ugas the past weekend, we look forward to a range of exciting match ups to come on August 28.  The undercard sees Love Island star and up-and-coming light-heavyweight star, Tommy Fury make his US debut against Anthony Taylor. Taylor, a the significantly older fighter of the two, is an ex-MMA fighter with a boxing record of 0-1. With heated exchanges leading up to the fight, it will definitely make for an exciting showdown!  Probably the most exciting match up of the evening, from a purist’s point of view, is the next step in Dynamite Daniel Dubois’ journey following his controversial defeat to Joe Joyce. Dubois, widely regarded as the next British Heavyweight star, suffered a horrific eye injury in his fight with Joyce. He has since enjoyed a victory over Bogdan Dinu in June, but will have to be fully prepared for the 19-3 puncher, Joe Cusumano, who has 17 of his victories coming by way of knockout.  Recent times have seen a growing interest in the sport of boxing. The Paul brothers have become synonymous with controversy, luring out professional mixed martial artists or even other social media stars. The pinnacle of this is the fight that took place between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather. August 29 sees Jake Paul headline a fight with ex-UFC welterweight champion, Tyrone Woodley. This is what many deems to be Jake’s first significant opponent, as his resume does not contain anyone with decent striking skills.  Coming into the fight, the odds are slightly in Paul’s favour. Various factors play a role – Paul is only 24, whereas Woodley is already past his fighting prime, at the age of 39. This is, however, the only thing counting in Paul’s favour. Woodley is a good striker and he defended his welterweight title a total of four times. The build-up to the fight made one thing clear – both men cherishes an extreme dislike for the other, with Tommy Fury also one of Paul’s targets in pre-fight interviews.  As the boxing world continues to either debate or despise the influence that social media stars have on boxing, one thing is clear – they cannot be stopped. Regardless of differing opinions, these fights generate insane amounts of money, making them almost completely impossible to ignore.  Therefore, when 29 August comes, an exciting card awaits. With names such as Tommy Fury, Daniel Dubois and Amanda Serrano on the undercard, boxing fans will be in for a treat. This will all be topped off when we finally find out how well an amateur boxer can stand his ground against a seasoned mixed martial artist, in the main event of the evening. 

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